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The Fila Brasileiro Dog

The Fila Brasileiro is arguably the most beautiful and awesome of all the guardian dog breeds, with some characteristics not found in many other breeds. You will often hear Fila owners and breeders say “they’re not like other dogs!

What is a Fila Brasileiro? The Fila is a rare molosser breed that had it’s origins in Brazil starting around 400 years ago, possibly from bloodhounds, Portuguese herding dogs, mastiffs and ancient bulldogs. The Fila Brasileiro is the National dog of Brazil, it’s legendary loyalty expressed in a Brazilian saying: “Faithful as a Fila”.

The Fila excels at family and estate protection as well as hunting, tracking, cattle herding and even carting. A large and powerful dog, but don’t let that fool you: the Fila is also extremely agile and athletic, and it is not unheard of for a Fila to clear a six foot fence to defend his master.

Pictured above: An example of a correct Fila Head. The female shown is Multi Ch. Hill Country Just A Flirt, TT Excellent, HIC, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patellas.  Owned by Tradewinds Rare Mastiff.  Posted with permission.

The Fila Brasileiro’s protectiveness is also legendary. He is a patient and gentle family dog with those he considers his own, but does not take to strangers and should never be left unattended with casual acquaintances, strangers or anyone he does not regard as part of his immediate family.

The Fila does not need to be trained to defend, it is part of his genetic makeup. A Fila should, however, be intensively obedience trained, socialized and desensitized to external environmental stimuli from early puppyhood.

Most Fila Brasileiro fanciers in the USA favor a heavier, larger dog with more facial skin, a broader skull, a somewhat milder temperament and less ojeriza, more like an English or Neopolitan mastiff in appearance, while the European and South American followers prefer a more athletic framed fila looking more like a hound with more ear leather, a pear shaped head and a sharper temperament with plenty of ojeriza.

If you’re considering a Fila Brasileiro pup as your next dog, there are some things you need to know BEFORE you take that fila pup home!  For more detailed information on this breed, check out the fila brasileiro FAQ on this site.

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