The Fila Brasileiro

Faithful as a Fila

The Fila Brasileiro is one the most extraordinary of all the guardian dog breeds, with some characteristics not found in many other breeds. You will often hear Fila owners and breeders say that your life will change when you choose to share your home with one of these beautiful dogs.

What is a Fila Brasileiro? The Fila Brasileiro is the National dog of Brazil, its legendary loyalty expressed in a Brazilian saying: “Faithful as a Fila”. This is a rare breed that had its origins in Brazil starting around 400 years ago, possibly from bloodhounds, Portuguese herding dogs and livestock guardians, mastiffs and ancient bulldogs.

Pictured is female Fila Brasileiro “Lily”

Multi Ch. Hill Country Just A Flirt, TT Excellent, HIC, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patellas. 

Owned by Tradewinds Rare Mastiff.

The Fila excels at family and estate protection as well as hunting, tracking, livestock guarding, cattle herding and even carting. A large and powerful dog, the Fila is also extremely agile and athletic, and it is not unheard of for a Fila to go over a six foot fence to defend his family.